regard [n1] attention, look care, carefulness, cognizance, concern, consciousness, curiosity, gaze, glance, heed, interest, interestedness, mark, mind, note, notice, observance, observation, once-over*, remark, scrutiny, stare, view; concepts 596,623,626,690 —Ant. disregard, ignorance, neglect regard [n2] affection, good opinion account, appreciation, approbation, approval, attachment, care, cherishing, concern, consideration, curiosity, deference, devotion, esteem, estimation, favor, fondness, homage, honor, interest, interestedness, liking, love, note, opinion, prizing, reputation, repute, respect, reverence, satisfaction, store, sympathy, thought, value, valuing, veneration, worship; concepts 10,532, 689 —Ant. dislike, disregard, disrespect, hate regard [n3] feature, detail aspect, bearing, concern, connection, item, matter, particular, point, reference, relation, relevance, respect; concepts 532,644 regard [v1] look at; listen to advertise, attend, beam, behold, contemplate, eye, eyeball*, flash, gaze, get a load of*, give attention, heed, look on, mark, mind, note, notice, observe, overlook, pay attention, pipe*, pore over*, read, remark, respect, scan, scrutinize, see, spy, stare at, take into consideration, take notice of, view, watch, witness; concepts 596,623,626 —Ant. disregard, ignore, look away regard [v2] believe, judge account, adjudge, admire, assay, assess, consider, deem, esteem, estimate, look upon, rate, reckon, respect, revere, see, suppose, surmise, think, treat, value, view; concepts 10,12 —Ant. disbelieve, disregard regard [v3] have something to do with apply to, bear upon, be relevant to, concern, have a bearing on, have to do with*, interest, pertain to, refer to, relate to; concept 532

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  • regard — [ r(ə)gar ] n. m. • regart 980; de regarder 1 ♦ Action, manière de diriger les yeux vers un objet, afin de le voir; expression des yeux de la personne qui regarde. Le regard humain. « Les voleurs, les espions, les amants, les diplomates, enfin… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • regard — Regard. s. m. Action de la veuë, action par laquelle on regarde. Regard fixe. regard languissant. regard amoureux. doux regard. regard favorable. il a le regard fier, le regard vif. regard rude, terrible, affreux, farouche, regard perçant. il luy …   Dictionnaire de l'Académie française

  • Regard — Re*gard , n. [F. regard See {Regard}, v. t.] 1. A look; aspect directed to another; view; gaze. [1913 Webster] But her, with stern regard, he thus repelled. Milton. [1913 Webster] 2. Attention of the mind with a feeling of interest; observation;… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • regard — [ri gärd′] n. [ME < OFr < regarder: see RE & GUARD] 1. a firm, fixed look; gaze 2. consideration; attention; concern [to have some regard for one s safety] 3. respect and affection; esteem [to have high regard for one s teachers] …   English World dictionary

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  • Regard — Re*gard (r?*g?rd ), v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Regarded}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Regarding}.] [F. regarder; pref. re re + garder to guard, heed, keep. See {Guard}, and cf. {Reward}.] 1. To keep in view; to behold; to look at; to view; to gaze upon. [1913… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • regard — ► VERB 1) think of in a particular way. 2) gaze at in a specified fashion. 3) archaic pay attention to. ► NOUN 1) heed or concern: she rescued him without regard for herself. 2) high opinion; esteem. 3) a steady …   English terms dictionary

  • regard — I (attention) noun advertence, advertency, alertness, application, attentiveness, care, concentration, concern, consideration, examination, heed, needfulness, intentness, interest, mindfulness, notice, observation, scrutiny, vigilance, watch,… …   Law dictionary

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